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Food Coma…an annual occurence

If you remember from last year around this time, I was feeling the strong effects of what I like to call The Thanksgiving Food Coma.  Yeah, I so did it again this year.  It was glorious I tell you – two Thanksgiving meals in one day!  You really think that I would learn to pace myself better on Thanksgiving.  But really, it doesn’t seem to be in the stars for me.

Then, I stumbled upon this little blog that follows the adventures of two milk teeth (a.k.a. baby teeth/deciduous teeth – if you want to be technical).  Let’s just say that I pretty much looked and felt like Lardee on Thanksgiving.  Hope you escaped the annual occurrence of the Thanksgiving food coma and had a great holiday!

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Weekly Websites…

Do you ever want to change the world and not know where to begin?  Well, here is your chance!  Just take a peek at the following websites!  Each website has important tips or volunteer opportunities for you to become an environmental advocate, because let’s face it, the planet needs someone like you to stand up for it!


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Who are we?

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