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Hilarity on YouTube with John Green & Paper Towns

Below, you will find John Green – author and current residence of Indianapolis – talking about his most recent book, Paper Towns.  Needless to say, John is hilarious!  He discusses The Great Gatsby, Walt Whitman and nerdfighting while using such words as “Edward Cullenizing.”

Also, I need to give credit where credit is due.  I found the first video on the Allen County Public Library Teen Blog, so thank you ACPL teens for posting this.  If you like what you see, check out Hank (John’s brother) and John’s videoblog called Brotherhood 2.0 or visit Nerdfighters.


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Let’s Get Ready To RUMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

This year, Goshen Public Library is bringing in the month of March with a YA March Madness Tournament!  Now, what is this YA March Madness Tournament, you say?  Well, instead of college basketball teams, there will be popular YA books competing.

Michael and I have selected 32 titles for fine young adults like yourself and have placed them into a bracket.  Your job is to predict which book will win the overall tournament.  The teen who comes the closest will win a prize!

You also can participate by voting each week to decide which book or books should move onto the next level of competition.

No registration is required.  You will have a chance to submit your predictions and votes at the Goshen Public Library’s YA Book Display, the Goshen High School Library and the Goshen Middle School Library.

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Are You Good? Prove It.

Teen Tech Week is just around the corner.  So, we at GPL thought what better way to celebrate Teen Tech Week than with Wii Play @ GPL.  On Friday, March 13th from 7:00 p.m. until 8:30 p.m., we will be having a Wii Sports Tournament in the auditorium.  If you are good, come and prove it.   Or, if you have never played before, come and try it out.  Space is limited to the first 30 teens who register.  Sign up at the Front Desk or call (574)533-9531.


P.S.  There will be FREE food.  Michael even has promised to bake a cake for Juliana’s birthday!

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Happy Hoodie Hoo Day to You!

Did you know that every February 20th is Hoodie Hoo Day (otherwise known as Northern Hemisphere Hoodie Hoo Day)?  Basically, you are supposed to go outside at noon and yell “HOODIE HOO”  while you jump up and down and wave your arms in the air.

Now, you may be asking yourself, “What is the point of Hoodie Hoo Day?”  The ultimate goal is to chase away winter and bring on the warm weather of spring.  Now, I am guessing that the person who created this holiday was suffering from a serious case of cabin fever.  What do you think?


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A little bit of this, a little bit of that…

Here are some of our new books at GPL.  Not that I am biased or anything  (actually, it’s the only one that I have read out of this group so far), but The Graveyard Book is really, really, REALLY good.  It  just received the Newberry Medal for 2009 if you don’t believe me.  Feel free to check them out!






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Of course, after I post about the GPL teen blog being the first website to come up on Google, we are no longer top billing on Google for Twilight.  HOWEVER, if you search for The Clique, we are second in line!


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Twilight, Google & GPL

Here is a little game for you to play.  Go to  Enter “twilight book cover” or “twilight book.”  Next, click on “Image” in the upper left corner of the screen.  Then, check out what is one of the first websites to show up.  Yes, you guessed it!  It’s our teen blog!  If this isn’t enough of a Twilight fix for you, be sure to check out Twilight Quotes, which is a website that you can find every quote imaginable relating to the series.

On a side note, we have jumped from about 153 people looking at the blog each week to 2,251 people in ONE WEEK!  I’m pretty impressed by that.  Also, if you are one of the numerous people checking out the blog for an image of Twilight, feel free to leave us a comment.  We would love to hear from you!


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Can’t wait!

Just thought that you all would like to take a peak at the newly released movie poster for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.  Only 156 more days until its release, but it’s not like I’m counting or anything!


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