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Teen Read, Teen Reviewed: Red Is For Remembrance

This is the 4th in the series. The series is basically about a girl named Stacey, who has dreams about people about to die. In every book there someone she has to save them. In the last book her boyfriend Jacob was lost in a tragic accident. She still believes he is alive but after living in the beach cottage for 4 months, she decides to go to collage.

She got in to Beacon University with a full scholarship. She is wondering how she got in to the prestigious university with bad grades but the first day of classes the Dean calls her in to his office and explains. His daughter is also having dreams and hopes that Stacey can help his daughter.

Stacey starts having dreams of a ghost but as the dean daughter has dream of a murder. But she doesn’t think it has happened yet. They both try and figure out what the dreams mean together.

This series is a really good one. I think if you like mystery, murder, and scary than this is the perfect book series for you!


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National Clean Your Desk Day

Seriously!  How did I miss this holiday?  Thank you to Laura for pointing out that there was a National Clean Your Desk Day on Monday, January 12th.  In honor of this great holiday, I bring to you several desks from the Goshen Public Library.  Feel free to guess which desk desk belongs to which library staff member – except for Ann-Margaret considering that she is sitting at her desk!





and last, but certainly not least…


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Winter Wonderland

To be fair, I know that there are some of you who love winter, which is why you should check out the local county parks.  Bonneyville Mill County Park and Ox Bow County Park offer sledding hills and trails for cross country skiing.  Ox Bow even has a warming house to dethaw after your outdoor activities.  Or, you can travel over to Pokagon State Park in Angola and take a trip down their toboggan run.

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Do you have the winter blues?

Ugh, I strongly dislike snow, winter and everything that comes with it.  But, I really like this song/video that deals with snow, winter and everything that comes with it…so here you go.

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Things that go bump in the night…

Check out some of our new YA thrillers at GPL!







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Who are we?

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