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A little bit of this, a little bit of that…

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Man vs. Snow

As promised, here are the pictures of Michael in front of the snow mountain in our parking lot. It took me awhile to find the adapter cord for my camera, but, when I did, the photos paid off!

Here is a vertical view of Michael and the snow mountain. Please note that said mountain is taller than Michael.

And, to prove that the snow mound extended throughout the parking lot, here is a horizontal view of Michael and the snow for your viewing pleasure.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on whether or not you like snow), the gigantic pile of snow has started to shrink with the warmer weather. Have you seen any mounds of snow that are larger around Goshen? If you have seen one, then where?

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Brrr…it’s cold out there

I may or may not have convinced Michael to stand in front of the mountainous snow pile in the library parking lot while I took a picture. He may or may not have worn a coat to show that not only people who have lived in Wisconsin can brave the elements.*

Until I can find my camera cord at home, I will leave you with this image. A NASA satellite caught the storm form outer space.  And, here is what the Blizzard of 2011 looked like:

*I walked home in the blizzard on Tuesday after being offered a ride. Michael said that I was trying to act tough because I lived in Wisconsin. In reality, it was fun to walk in the snow.

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Too Much to Discuss

I was planning on finding one amazing tidbit to share with you today; however, after pursing the Interwebs this morning, I realized that I could not limit myself to one thing.

I have narrowed my list to three items to share, so here it is:

1. THE HUNGER GAMES MOVIE HAS A RELEASE DATE!!!!  Mark your calendars for March 23, 2012. Now, if they would only cast the film, then I would be a happy librarian.

2. Aimee Ferris has a new book, Will Work for Prom Dresses, that will be released on February 8th. To celebrate her new book, Aimee put together a website where authors can submit their prom pictures. Talk about taffeta, puffed sleeves and duct tape galore!

3. Have you ever wondered what Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal would sound like on a cello?  Well, here you go! (The first portion of the video is obviously aimed at the over 21 crowd; however, we figured all of the music lovers at GHS would love to see a new take on a modern song.)

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