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See! I Really Meant that We BARELY Survived the River!

Apparently, the lesson learned from canoeing is that you are never to leave powdered Kool-Aid and water in the hands of teens and, then, walk away.  Take a peak at what Katie documented!


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Can’U Survive the River Because We Barely Did!

Last week, we decided that it would be a good idea to take a canoe trip.  And, it was a fantastic day spent in the Elkhart River viewing wildlife in their natural habitats and exploring Blosser Island!  Here are a few photos from our day!

Meagon took a bit of a fall, but, don’t worry, I fixed her knee.  After that experience, I realized that it is probably better that I work in a library instead of a hospital!

Picture 577

This is Robert relaxing in his canoe after lunch.

Picture 579

John was REALLY excited about wearing his life jacket.

Picture 586

Katie, Katie and Angie decided to take their canoe out for a spin.

Picture 587

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A Teen Green Blog

Ok, so if you couldn’t tell, there has been a lot of time spent on the web looking for tips on how to help you go green.  Well, I came across this amazing blog that Izzie, a-16 year-old who was interning for a green architect in Brooklyn, wrote.  Izzie compiled numerous tips on how to help you be a little bit greener in your day to day activities such as a Go Green application for your iPOD, how to fine a green summer job, and craft projects made from recyclables.

My personal favorite was  It is a website that helps you brush up on your vocabulary for all of those standardized tests that you are required to take.  What happens is that you are presented with a word that you need to define (multiple-choice style, of course).  For every word that you correctly define, will donate 10 grains of rice through the UN world program to aid in ending world hunger!  10 grains of rice may not sound like much, but trust me, it adds up very quickly!


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Weekly Websites…part tres

Are you every curious about what you can recycle and where you can find a place to recycle?  For all of your recycling answers and more, check out the following websites:

  • makes everyday Earth Day. tells you what, where, when and how you can recycle everything building up in your house!
  • tells you all about what and where to recycle and has numerous tips on how to be green as well as green ratings for endless amounts of products!
  • Don’t know what to do with you old cell phone or are you looking for an upgrade – don’t even think about throwing your old cell phone away!  Visit to discover where you can donate your old phone for a good cause.


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Being that we are going green this summer, we decided to spend an afternoon turning junk and recyclables into works of art!  And, then, we had a juried exhibition where library patrons voted for their favorite works of art.  After 309 votes, Nikaya won a free book for her sculpture!

This is how we made paper beads from old magazines.

Picture 526

Katrina took this picture of Monica through a piece of plastic from our junk pile!

Picture 532

Tyler decided that he wanted to take apart the old TV and use it in his sculpture.

Picture 601

And, this is his sculpture!

Picture 538

Juliana and Courtney were working hard on their paper bead jewelry.

Picture 605

Ethan modeled his sculpture made out of a broken record for us while Sadie looks a little confused.

Picture 608

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Chem-Free, That’s Me!

Check out all of the craziness that occurred while we were making natural skin care products out of ingredients that you can find in your kitchen!

This was our before shot!

Picture 477

This was when my husband Nick saved the day by bringing baking soda.  He was in such a hurry that he forgot to take off his bike helmet – that is just how green he is – he bikes to bring us baking soda!

Picture 479

Here is everyone preparing their natural skin care products.  We made everything from a cucumber toner to an oatmeal scrub!

Picture 481

See!  Even the fellas, like John here, enjoy a good banana facial mask!

Picture 493

Katie and Meagon did an excellent job of modeling our Avocado Cream Mask!

Picture 501

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