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January Book Display

Human Rights

Hope, Education, Equality, Freedom, Justice, & Life

In celebration of Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday on January 16th, we are featuring books on our display that encompass these universal human rights.

If you are unfamiliar with the plight of many Americans (and most of the world!), you should check out these books. It might just change your life.


The Great Circle / by Neil Philip

Folklorist Neil Philip examines the shared experience of many of the First Nations, from their separate existences before whites arrived, to their years of struggle and heartbreak, to the present-day resurgence of their cultures. The attitudes of Native American leaders toward land, society, and spiritual matters are contrasted with those of their white contemporaries; photographs, personal testimony, eyewitness detail, and excerpts from speeches by leaders—including Native American chiefs and holy men, and white politicians and military officers—document the resulting cycles of misunderstanding and conflict based on differing world views.

Failure Is Impossible! / by Martha E. Kendall

This is an excellent discussion of women’s suffrage with an account of the struggles of women throughout the centuries beginning with early colonists. In addition to the battles and achievements of the women’s movement, the author addresses property and child-custody rights and the fight for fair wages. A great volume of woman’s rights.


Marching For Freedom / by Elizabeth Partridge

Award-winning author Elizabeth Partridge leads you straight into the chaotic, passionate, and deadly three months of protests that culminated in the landmark march from Selma to Montgomery in 1965. Focusing on the courageous children who faced terrifying violence in order to march alongside King, this is an inspiring look at their fight for the vote.

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Local Author Book Talk!










Book Talk w/ Beth Neff

January 23 | 6:30-8 pm | GPL auditorium

Free event | Everyone is welcome

This month at the Goshen Public Library we will be hosting prolific local author Beth Neff as she talks about her debut young adult novel, Getting Somewhere.

Beth has worked as a vegetable farmer, sustainability activist, and even founded the local Goshen Farmer’s Market (to name a few things). She is excited about discussing her auspicious novel with us.

You won’t want to miss out on this exciting event!

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