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We got on the Green Screen!

Last week we were able to Get on the Green Screen!

Here’s the video we made in our first program of the summer. Thanks, Mr. Zuber, for helping us out!

For behind-the-scenes photos, click here!

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Cow vs. Horse

What would you do if you wanted a horse, and you parents said no way?  When told by her parents that a horse was not an option, Regina Mayer taught the family cow, Luna, to ride and to jump like a horse.  Check out the video below…it makes me think about the cow racing game on Wii!

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Empty School

Oh, the Interwebs are smiling upon me!  I thought that I had peaked for the day when I discovered that National Geographic recreated the flying house from Up.  BUT THEN, I found Empty School by Ben Meyers.  Ben is a music student who not only turned an abandoned school into his recording studio, but also as his instrument.  Enjoy!

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How Hard Can It Be?

How Hard Can It Be? is a new series on the National Geographic Channel, where people try to figure out how hard it would be to accomplish certain feats.  The latest challenge was to see if they could get a house to fly in the air with balloons similar to what the main character did in Up.

The crew was able to get their house to fly with the assistance of 300 helium balloons.  The balloon were 8′ high, and it took an entire helium tank to fill a single balloon!  Once it was up in the air, the house flew for over an hour and went at least 10 stories up into the sky!

Check out the video below showing the project and click here to see photos of their challenge.

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Book Dominoes…part two

I know that I’ve already posted a video of book dominoes.  But, I came across this video that was made for Library Week in Ireland and really enjoyed the message.  I hope that you do too!

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Happy Holidays!

I was finishing Christmas shopping in Ft. Wayne last weekend and stumbled across a house in Churubusco that had its Christmas lights blinking to holiday music. For some reason, I was not in the holiday mood until I saw this house and sat in the parking lot of a McDonald’s watching the lights blinking on and off for 10 minutes.  It looked a something like this one:

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I Hope This Gets To You

I know that I have been a little heavy with video posts, but I have found another video with a great story attached to it.  The story goes something like this:

In Los Angeles, Boy meets Girl, and Girl meets Boy.  Both really like each and start to date.  Eventually, Girl says, “Hey, Boy!  I am going to go to graduate school  across the country.”  Boy was sad to see Girl go and decided to write her a love song with his roommates.  (The roommates are in a band called The Daylights).  Boy and his roommates spent an afternoon recording a video for the song and posted it on YouTube.  It was Boy’s hope that Girl would find out about the video “organically” since the Internet has made it possible for people to remain in contact no matter how far they are apart.

It’s hard to deny that the video features a catchy song endless amounts of spirit fingers; however, there are cynics out there, who view the viral video as a marketing ploy for The Daylights.  Either way, let’s do our part in hoping that the song gets to Girl.

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The Cure for the Annual Thanksgiving Food Coma

I thought that I managed to overcome my annual Thanksgiving Day food coma in record time, which we all know is a very rare occurrence as seen here and here.  Keep in mind that the key word is “thought.”  Let’s just say that spending 17+ hours in a car and eating 3 very large family dinners has caught up to me.  I slowly made my way into work this morning and began to look for something to post on the blog that would cure my food coma.  And, I found it!

Check out the football team from Decatur Central High School in Indianapolis, who spoofed the Single Ladies episode from Glee!  Not only did they do a fantastic job dancing, but they also won a video competition that raised money for their school.

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When Classical Music Meets Breakdancing

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Book Dominoes

Check out what the staff of Bookmans did with their books!  Anyone interested in making book dominoes at GPL with me?  Keep in mind that we would need to pick up after ourselves!

November 3, 2010 at 4:09 pm 2 comments

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