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Piet Mondrian Coasters

At our last Crafty Bandits club  meeting, we learned about modern art, artist Piet Mondrian, and listened to some cool jazz. We also made some of our own modern art coasters!

Here are some of the super cool results:

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo 1

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The Crafty Bandits!

The Crafty Bandits are almost done craftin’ up trouble for this school year…but don’t fret, there’s still time to join in all the fun!

This month we are creating awesome duct tape wallets! You don’t want to miss out on this one- and oh yeah, don’t forget to bring a friend. This is open to all teens in grades 6th-12th. (Did I mention that there will be snacks?)

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The Crafty Bandits Strike Again

The Crafty Bandits sporting their swell new t-shirts that they printed themselves with the help of Springer Design.

If you think this looks cool, come sign up for our monthly Crafty Bandit teen craft group at the front desk or give us a call at the library. It’s fun, free, and open to all teens!

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Silk Screening T-shirts!

The Crafty Bandits

Today, Nov. 21/4:00/Springer Design

Calling all you crafty bandits out there! Haven’t signed up for this event yet? It’s not too late! We will be meeting at Springer Design (in the Famous Building on Main St.) at 4:00. We will be learning from the team at Springer on how they print their cool t-shirts, and will be having a chance to try it out! All you need to do is bring a cotton t-shirt with you (not navy or black). And it’s free!

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The Crafty Bandits are upon us!!!!

Are you a teen that likes to make things? Come join other teens like yourself once a month at the library to let your inner crafty express itself! We will be creating cool things like sock monsters, learning the art of silk screening, marbling paper, and much, much more! Sound good to you? Sign up at the front desk or give us a call here at the library. And oh yeah, its a FREE activity! Bring your sister, your brother, your next door neighbor (there might even be food to nibble on while you are creating your masterpiece).

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First Annual GPL Holiday Craftacular

Last Wednesday, a group of teens came to GPL for our first annual Holiday Craftacular.  The goal of the afternoon was to make rocking paper snowflakes and sew t-shirt scarves.  I could handle the paper snowflakes due to my run as an Arts and Craft Director at a summer camp.  The t-shirt scarves were a completely different story!

Let’s just say that I have managed to go through entire life without once touching a sewing machine.  When it came time to face my nemesis (which happened to be a purple craft/sewing machined called a Pixie), I managed to produce one epic fail after another.  Several times, I thought that I was sewing like a professional only to look up and see that the thread had come completely loose from whatever contraption held it in the machine.  Luckily, one of our teens knew how to use Pixie and saved the day!

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