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TSRE 2015 wrap-up

Teen Summer Reading Experience 2015 is almost over!

This is the last week to turn in your reading records! Make sure to get those in to pick off the prize board and be entered to win our GRAND PRIZES!!

We’ve got an awesome line-up of prizes you could win!

  • Nook e-reader
  • Potawatami Zoo passes
  • Hall of Heroes passes
  • Target gift cards
  • i-Tunes gift cards
  • Venturi gift certificates
  • Books!
  • and more!

Plus, our summer programs have all wrapped up. We had a great time with all types of heroes this summer! Fall programming will be starting soon, so stay tuned for *new* activities, as well as some old friends…



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TSRE Registering Now!

TSRE15 logo

We are now registering for our Teen Summer Reading Experience!

Stop in to sign up and get registered for our free programs:

  • June 9: Thank a Hero
  • June 19: Cartooning 101
  • June 23: Super Scavenger Hunt
  • June 30: Visit the Hall of Heroes
  • July 7 & 9: Design Your Own Action Figure!
  • July 14: Comic Craft Party
  • July 21: Come Out and Cosplay
  • July 24: Ant-Man Begins



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DIVERGENT Series Giveaway!


This is going on NOW throughout the entire month of March! You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to win a brand new, hard cover copy of this amazing series. Drawing takes place March 31st, 2014.

… and don’t forget to watch DIVERGENT, opening in theaters March 21st!

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New Hunger Games Movie Clip!

Ok- if this doesn’t get you EXCITED about the upcoming Hunger Games movie, then maybe you need to check your pulse!

P.s. Don’t forget to enter your name into our weekly “reaping”. Only in the YA dept. We are giving away some really cool HG prizes!

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Hunger Games Weekly Reaping!

Come into the library and head over to our HG display in the YA dept. and enter your name for our weekly “reaping”. Winners will be chosen every week in the month of March. Prizes include HG magnets, t-shirt, wallet, poster, movie tickets, and of course, The Hunger Games book itself!

*Want to read other exciting, dystopian books like The Hunger Games? Check out these books and others on display – we think you will enjoy them as well!*

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February 20th-25th in the YA section

Come into the library and test your vampire knowledge! Make an origami bat to take home. Don’t forget to enter your name into the drawing for your very own Vampireology book!

*This a passive program and requires no registration. Drop in and participate whenever it’s convenient for you!

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November Book Display

What Is On YOUR Playlist?

This month we are featuring great books that are all about music. In addition, we are also asking YOU  to tell us what is on your “reading playlist” for a chance to win an itunes card!  All you have to do is write down the titles of 6 of your favorite YA books, and don’t forget your name and phone number. This contest will be going on until the end of the month, when we will pick our winner. Come into the YA department today and tell us YOUR playlist!

Check these and other great books about music on display this month:

Beat, Rhymes, & Life: What We Love and Hate About Hip-Hip  / featuring interviews with Mos def, Nelly, Ludacris, Heather Hunter, and others

Hip-hop culture has been in the mainstream for years. Suburban teens take their fashion cues from Diddy and expect to have Three 6 Mafia play their sweet-sixteen parties. Hip-hop’s influence is major. But has the movement taken a wrong turn? This collection features many original interviews with some of rap’s biggest stars talking candidly about how they connect to the culture and their fans.


The House of Tomorrow / by Peter Bognanni

Sebastian Prendergast lives with his eccentric grandmother in a geodesic dome. His homeschooling has taught him much about futurist philosophy, but nothing about girls, junk food, or loud , angry music. Then fate casts Sebastian out of the dome, and finds a very different tudor in a chain-smoking sixteen-year-old Jared, and together they form a punk band and plan to take the local church talent show by storm.



The Indie Band Survival Guide / by Randy Chertow and Jason Feehan

In this indispensable guide for indie musicians, Chertkow and Feehan, lead members of the Chicago band Beatnik Turtle, explain how they have managed successfully to get their music out to the public, to produce four albums, to build a huge following and to write music for television shows and theater without the benefit of a record label. Covering topics such as building a brand, networking, Web site, getting booked, playing live and getting publicized, Chertkow and Feehan pass along advice that, while sometimes self-evident, encourages bands to exploit the Internet and to become Web savvy to make a name for themselves.

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2011 National Poetry Month contest winners

Congrats to Anna Hagen, Joy Moore, and Johnathon Robinson for winning first, second, and third place, respectively, for our annual teen poetry writing contest!

Olympic Sonnet: Anna Hagen

The champion’s torch, having circled the world,
Glitters off the medals; silver, gold–
Then, on white fields of fair play unfurled,
Gleam multicolored circles, inter-rolled.

The least tame part of nature, flames of fire,
Becomes the symbol of man’s discipline.
Though limbs and laurel crowns will fade and tire
There still burns bright hot desire to win.

This Olympic torch ignites youth’s dreams,
Both fueling them and using them for fuel.
Tests of human prowess kindle themes
Of nation’s friendship and wonder’s renewal.

Rise up strength of every country, color, face,
Carry toward fiery hope and run the race.

Life: Joy Moore

Life is a beautiful tapestry of pain,
And we are the crimson threads
colliding through it
The rest is blackness to wrench your soul
And just enough white to skewer your hopes.

It better be one hell of a picture.
And all I can see is my chest,
with a scar stitched-up
where my heart should be.
I meant to keep it safe this time.
I really did.
But you, my left-handed siren,
snuck your sharp dagger past me.
And when I least expected it,
you cut out my heart
and began to devour it
right in front of me.
So I just lie in a pool of blood and tears
motionless, staring at you
through a haze of grey.

The Eagle: Johnathon Robinson

I used to be the eagle
My wings were strong, and my heart free
I rode my storms defiant and proud
There was a fire you could see in me
But then it happened
My own got lost
I tried to find her
Whatever the cost
But there was no finding her or saving the day
She was hurt on the ground
And there she stayed
I’ve realized since then
I’m not as strong or proud or free
As I used to be
Her wings are broken
Mine almost
And the only reason I fly now
Is because there still is that hope.

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T-shirt Give-a-way

We have been doing early spring cleaning in the workroom, and, by “we,” I mean Stacy.  During her excellent de-cluttering task, she found a box of GPL Rocks t-shirts!  If you would like a FREE t-shirt, stop by the Front Desk and simply ask for one.  Shirt sizes are large and x-large, and colors are red and gray.  We will be giving away t-shirts while supplies last!

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