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I just couldn’t resist…

I thought I would pass this along for all of you Twilight fans counting down the days until the release date of the movie on DVD – it’s March 21st by the way.  Actually, this song might be good for those of you who would like a little break from Twilight as well!

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Teen Read, Teen Reviewed: Hard Love

In this story, Hard Love is about John, who is not very interested in anything much, not even girls. He has a mother that won’t even touch him, and a father who left him, and his troubled mother. Every weekend, John visits his absent father, and stays with him all weekend.

He ends up meeting a new friend when he started making writing his own zines. Her name is Marisol Guzman, and she is a Puerto Rican Cuban Yankee Cambridge, Massachusetts, rich spoiled lesbian private-school, gifted-and-talented writer virgin looking for love.

The closer the two get, the more John falls in love with her. Things go for the worst when John invites Marisol to the junior prom, and mistakes their growing closeness for love, and after tries to fix it by taking her to a zine conference in Cape Cod. This charming tale tells about a lost boy falling in love with a lesbian, and how hard love really is.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a funny, love story about hard love.


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Greg Rutter’s Definitive List of the 99 Things That You Should Have Experienced on the Internet…

The rest of the phrase is “…unless you are a loser or old or something.”  Unfortunately, I fell into the “loser or old or something” category.  I guess that I have a lot of Internet watching to do.  Click here to see if you are an Internet Genius or if you are a Loser or Old or Something like me!

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Square Root Day

This one is dedicated to GPL page Ethan R. (not to be confused with GPL page Ethan S.).  Ethan graciously pointed out that today is Square Root Day or 3/3/09.  If you multiply 3 x 3, this equals 9.  If you take the square root of 9, you will get 3.

If you are a little confused about where the image comes into play, Ethan R. wanted a picture of a square with roots coming out of it (get it –  “square root”).  However, I was unable to find a square with roots coming out of it on Google, so we settled on in image of a square shaped tree trunk.  Thank you, Ethan R., and we at GPL hope you enjoy your Square Root Day.


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Can someone please confirm this for me?

Apparently, there is a trend in Hollywood of taking teen novels and turning them into movies.  Here are just a few of your favorite books that have made it to the big screen:  Twilight, Speak, Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist, The Clique, Eragon, Freedom Writers, Jumper, The Lord of the Rings, The Golden Compass, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, The Princess Diaries, Stormbreaker, the Harry Potter series, and the list goes on and on and on…

THEN, I found a rumor on the worldwide web today that  MEMOIRS OF A TEENAGE AMNESIAC WILL BECOME A MOVIE AS WELL!  If anyone knows anything more about Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac becoming a movie, please let me know – it’s one of my favorite books!


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