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National Library Week Bookmark Contest

Bring in National Library Week with Goshen Public Library’s Bookmark Contest for all ages! Think about what the library means to you and put it on a bookmark. Feel free to use any material (crayons, markers, paint, computer graphics program, etc.) to create your bookmark; however, remember that we must be able to print your design! Bookmarks must be created on a template that you can pick up at any library desk. The deadline to submit your work is by closing time on Saturday, April 17th. Designs will be judged on originality, creativity, neatness and printability. The winning selections from each age category will be printed and available to the public during our summer reading programs starting in June.

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Jane Mayse Scholarship

Jane Mayse was a Goshen educator who helped found the Goshen Adult Literacy Program as well as the Friends of the Goshen Public Library.  She believed that education was the key to every door.

The $1,000 scholarship is available to high school seniors who are valid Goshen Public Library resident and non-resident card holders.  Students must submit an application and complete an essay using the following topic:

“In order to achieve success in life, it will be necessary for you to make a commitment to  lifelong learning.  In an essay of 200-300 words, discuss your plans for your undergraduate education, explaining how these plans relate to your personal views and to your commitment to lifelong learning.”

Please do not put your name on the essay page.  Essays will be judged on how well the essays are developed, the expressiveness in writing, the competency in writing (i.e. grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.) and the thoroughness in following the directions set forth in the paragraph above.

Please double space the essay and have someone proofread it before you submit it!

Goshen High School seniors may pick up the application form at the GHS guidance office and return it there.  All other applicants may obtain an application at the GPL Front Desk and return it there.

Applications are due by April 1, 2010.

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Less than half of a month to go…

Get out there and vote!  You have only 15 more days to choose the winning book in our YA March Madness Tournament.  Remember that you can complete the ballots at the library, GMS and GHS.  A BIG thank you goes out to all 235 students (and some sneaky teachers) who participated this past week!

As we were preparing for March Madness, Michael got into the spirit and googled March Madness.  Below is the image that resulted from his search – I guess March is a mad month for parrots, too.

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A Cake Wreck or, as Ethan R. says, a Cake Masterpiece?

I was possibly being a bit of a cranky pants with the last post about Eclipse (O.K., I was being a full on cranky pants that Michael managed to point out to me when I began shaking a copy of The Time Traveler’s Wife at him and ranting about the movie version as well.).  Then, I came into work today and found the following image as the wallpaper on one of our work computers.  WHY CAN I NOT ESCAPE THE TWILIGHT SERIES?  Although, the cake is pretty funny.  Isn’t it?

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Kicking It Old School

Check out this website called  It has all kinds of old school video games that you can play for FREE!  My personal favorite is Tetris.  Let’s face it, there is something exhilarating about the challenge of getting all of the pieces to fit together as they start to come down faster and faster.  Which classic arcade game is your favorite?

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Eclipse Trailer

Here is the long awaited for trailer for Eclipse.  I’m going to be perfectly honest with y’all.  I am not excited about this one.  I really want to be excited, but – for some reason – I can’t seem to reach a level of jumping up and down with excitement that should be appropriate for the movie.  The first two films made oodles of money and left people standing in long lines to see them.  I get that, I really do.  But, just because a movie makes a ton of cash, does not mean that it is good.

Now, as I am writing this post, Michael is trying to psych me up about Eclipse. He told me that the Harry Potter movies didn’t really hit their stride until the third film in the series.  To which I responded, “Michael, there are 7 films – o.k. technically 8 – with the Harry Potter series.  Twilight only has 4 – 5 if they are lucky.  Twilight is running out of time to redeem itself!”  Who knows, maybe I will feel less ‘meh’ about Eclipse when June 30th rolls around.  Anyways, on a more positive note, I hope you enjoy the trailer!

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Happy Monday!

Happy Monday, everyone!  I came across this video on Sunday and wanted to share it with you.  P.S. 22 is an elementary school in Queens, New York.  Their fourth/fifth grade chorus  performs songs from every musician under the sun.  If you don’t believe me, check out their blog.  See – I told you so!   They sing music by Bob Dylan, Kelly Clarkson,  Lady Gaga, Tori Amos and many, many more.  Here, the choir is singing Listzomania by Phoenix.  It is so much fun to watch a group of kids doing what they love to do!

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Wii Play @ GPL

Remember when we asked if you were good at Wii Sports?  Well, here is your chance to prove it to us all over again!  In honor of Teen Tech Week, I have managed to convince my husband to let us borrow his Wii.  Therefore, BRING IT ON!  We will have our Wii Sports Tournament on Friday, March 12th starting at 7:00 p.m. in the Auditorium.  If you are lucky, we might even have a Mario Cart Wii Tournament thrown into the mix!  Space is limited to the first 30 teens who register.  Sign up at the Front Desk or call (574)533-9531.  Oh, and I am sure that you will find some free food there as well!

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Teen Tech Week Blog Post Contest

Want an iTunes gift card?*  Yeah…I thought so!  Write a blog post for our GPL Teens Blog during Teen Tech Week (It starts on Sunday!) and be entered to win.  You can submit your post in person or via email to  The last day to send in your submission is on Saturday, March 13th.  All submissions will be posted, but only one will win the card…

*If you don’t have a need for an iTunes giftcard, no worries!  We can work something out!

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Second Annual YA March Madness Tournament

I can’t believe that it’s March 5th already!  And, so many things are happening at the library this month!  First off, you may be hearing a little bit of Jock Jams in the background with this post because we are bringing back YA March Madness!

Michael and I have selected a brand new group of your favorite YA titles.  And, just like last year, your job is to predict which book will win the overall tournament.  There is no registration for this program, and you can vote at the YA Book Display in the library, at Goshen Middle School Media Center and at Goshen High School Media Center.  Each week, we will draw a name from the ballots to win a free book!

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