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TAB 2016

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December Read That: THE GRAVEYARD BOOK


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TSRE 2014 Event Schedule

TSRE14_upcoming events

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Teen Summer Reading Experience 2014!

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Rain Barrel Project

rain barrelREAD THAT will be meeting this Saturday, March 22nd at noon in the auditorium.

Come enjoy pizza and soda with us as we work on painting our rain barrel (which will be auctioned off during First Friday in June). No artist skills are required! Be sure to wear an old t-shirt, as we will be using paints.

The profits from the rain barrel will benefit our 2014 Teen Summer Reading Experience.

This program is open to teens in grades 6-12. Everyone is welcome. Come join us!

Check out rain barrels from previous years here:Elkhart River Restoration Association

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Catching Fire Movie Event

movie event

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TSRE 2013 / SPIN THIS! #50’s#60’s#70’s

We visited the local record store, Ignition Music, for an afternoon with Steve Martin and Joel Jimenez. They took us on a listening journey, beginning with the roots of rock and roll (Buddy Holly, Little Richard) and ending with a comparison of the first track of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon in Mp3, cd, and vinyl formats (of course the record sounded the best!).

1014114_10151497683363668_882725036_n 9358_10151497683348668_631298772_n 206898_10151497682743668_1584255000_n 400717_10151497682928668_632411501_n 983607_10151497683108668_498998075_n 992892_10151497683118668_771503208_n 995038_10151497683188668_1658404502_n 998126_10151497682443668_1354291797_n 999008_10151497682673668_435781696_n 1001464_10151497682758668_1647593012_n 1001650_10151497682828668_496995459_n 1010588_10151497682968668_53468183_n 1010654_10151497682458668_990408641_n 1011356_10151497683503668_516256944_n 1011837_10151497682468668_919858967_n


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With the help of local writers, Sara Wakefield and Tristan Beachy-King, we learned about the Beat Movement, as well as had a chance to write our own “beat” poems and share them with the group. It was so much fun!

IMG_9049 IMG_9052 IMG_9054 IMG_9061 IMG_9062 IMG_9065 IMG_9068 IMG_9073 IMG_9076 IMG_9080 IMG_9081 IMG_9082 IMG_9086 IMG_9088

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TSRE 2013: POP! Goes the Soda Shop #50s

The first event of this year’s TSRE, 50 Years of Summer, was terrific! We got to learn about the history of Goshen’s iconic South Side Soda Shop from owner, Nick Boyd, as well as make our own old-fashioned sodas. We even got to eat their delicious hand-made french fries! 

IMG_8926IMG_9046IMG_9043 IMG_9042 IMG_9038 IMG_9031 IMG_9020 IMG_8996 IMG_8994 IMG_8988 IMG_8983 IMG_8979 IMG_8976 IMG_8969 IMG_8964 IMG_8961 IMG_8955 IMG_8953 IMG_8949 IMG_8941 IMG_8938

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