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Hand Dancing

Way back when I was a teenager in the ’90’s, there was a popular trend for traditional Irish dancing. The Irish dance craze led to the creation of performances, such as River Dance and Lord of the Dance.  I went to see Lord of the Dance. It was impressive, but left me wondering how people would continue to make Irish dancing interesting and relevant, which leads me to our video for the day – We Speak No Americano by Yolanda Be Cool featuring Suzanne Cleary and Peter Harding.

Cleary and Harding are professional Irish dancers and  the founders of Up & Over It! They take your standard Irish dancing and mix it with other styles of dance and music.  Sometimes, they dance with their hands instead of their feet as you will see!

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Cuteness Galore

Do you ever need a good dose of cuteness to brighten your day?  Check out his video; however, be careful.  The cuteness level is high and may overload your senses. 

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I love the summertime for two reasons.  First, and probably the most obvious, is summer reading at the library.  What can I say, I enjoy putting together programs where we can have Iron Chef competitions and food review sessions at the library.

The second reason, which is not a surprise to many,  is So You Think You Can Dance.  I love this show to no end!  The dancing and choreography are fantastic.  Last night, this was my favorite performance by far!  Which was yours?

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During the Edmond Sixth Grade Festival, Greyson Michael Chance walked up to the piano and began to belt out his own rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi.”  His performance was back on May 13th.  Since then, the video of his performance on YouTube has had over 8 million views!

Greyson has become an immediate sensation.  Everyone compares him to Justin Bieber and calls him “Little Lord Gaga.” Ellen DeGeneres invited him to her show this afternoon for an interview, and a Facebook page called “Lady Gaga Kid” has been created for his fans.  If you like his version of “Paparazzi,” you also can check out videos of original songs by Greyson on his YouTube Channel!

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Because it is Monday…

Oh, Monday, you always seem to come so soon.  Hopefully, the ridiculousness of this video will make your Monday a little better!

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Eclipse Trailer

Here is the long awaited for trailer for Eclipse.  I’m going to be perfectly honest with y’all.  I am not excited about this one.  I really want to be excited, but – for some reason – I can’t seem to reach a level of jumping up and down with excitement that should be appropriate for the movie.  The first two films made oodles of money and left people standing in long lines to see them.  I get that, I really do.  But, just because a movie makes a ton of cash, does not mean that it is good.

Now, as I am writing this post, Michael is trying to psych me up about Eclipse. He told me that the Harry Potter movies didn’t really hit their stride until the third film in the series.  To which I responded, “Michael, there are 7 films – o.k. technically 8 – with the Harry Potter series.  Twilight only has 4 – 5 if they are lucky.  Twilight is running out of time to redeem itself!”  Who knows, maybe I will feel less ‘meh’ about Eclipse when June 30th rolls around.  Anyways, on a more positive note, I hope you enjoy the trailer!

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I came into work today with a serious case of the Mondays (don’t worry, I won’t bore you with the details).  THEN, I said to myself, “Self, maybe you should check the blog to see what is going” – because it is one of my favorite pastimes to see how many people looked at the blog (yes, I know this may define me as a nerd, but I fully embrace it).

Well, folks, I was checking the stats and it looks like over 50,000 people (50,240 people to be exact) have looked at our little blog that has been going for about 1 1/2 years.  Thank you to everyone who stops by to see what is going on at the blog, and everyone at GPL Teens hopes that you continue to come back for more.

Oh, and, just in case you were worried, I overcame my case of the Mondays with the following video.  The cuteness factor alone was enough to make this a great day!

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Harry Potter – THE MUSICAL!

Back in April, some University of Michigan theatre majors decided to create one of the most ridiculous book adaptations for the stage.  Yes, I am talking about Harry Potter the Musical. I dedicate this one to all of you Harry Potter fans out there who are counting down the film release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on July 15th!  Oh, and if you like what you see here, you can watch the entire performance (in segments – of course) on YouTube!

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Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! OH MY GOSH!

First off, After Hours has almost all of my favorite things wrapped into one!  For example, you may recognize Evan Kasprzak, who was recently named one of the Top 20 in this season’s So You Think You Can Dance.  Secondly, his brother Ryan (who also auditioned for this season of SYTYCD) helped with the choreography.  And, finally, you may see a familiar name when the credits roll, and that is the name of Kelly Lynch!  Kelly came to GPL last summer to show his film The Passenger.  Kelly also helped with writing After Hours and was named director of photography.

So really, I can’t think of anything better than watching a short film with amazing choreography about unrequited love between a shy janitor and a law clerk.  Can you?

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Oh, darling, darling, stand by me!

There is this organization called Playing for Change, and let me tell you – it is FANTASTIC!  Mark Johnson, the founder, decided that he would begin a world wide campaign to bring people together through music.  He and his crew went anywhere and everywhere to find artists and musicians who would take part in their mission.

This project began in 2005 when Playing for Peace filmed Roger Ridley singing “Stand by Me” in Santa Monica, California, and it still is continuing today.  Now, here is the catch – the artists and musicians who work together never actually met in person.  The whole idea is that whether you are in Indiana, California, Louisiana, Brazil, Russia, The Congo, Venezuela, New Mexico, the Netherlands, France, South Africa, Spain or Italy – we need to all come together and work as one.

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