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I’m sure all of you have heard of Myspace and Facebook, but have you heard of  Well, if not, now you have! is a social networking site for readers and writers that HarperCollins created way back when in 2009.  An article in the Washington Post stated that since November, has had over 10,000 members join, and these members (who are teens just like you) have written nearly “11,000 novels, poems, essays and short stories.”  If you are an aspiring writer or an avid reader, check it out!  It seems like a great site to develop your skills or read never before published material!

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Food Coma…an annual occurence

If you remember from last year around this time, I was feeling the strong effects of what I like to call The Thanksgiving Food Coma.  Yeah, I so did it again this year.  It was glorious I tell you – two Thanksgiving meals in one day!  You really think that I would learn to pace myself better on Thanksgiving.  But really, it doesn’t seem to be in the stars for me.

Then, I stumbled upon this little blog that follows the adventures of two milk teeth (a.k.a. baby teeth/deciduous teeth – if you want to be technical).  Let’s just say that I pretty much looked and felt like Lardee on Thanksgiving.  Hope you escaped the annual occurrence of the Thanksgiving food coma and had a great holiday!

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I came into work today with a serious case of the Mondays (don’t worry, I won’t bore you with the details).  THEN, I said to myself, “Self, maybe you should check the blog to see what is going” – because it is one of my favorite pastimes to see how many people looked at the blog (yes, I know this may define me as a nerd, but I fully embrace it).

Well, folks, I was checking the stats and it looks like over 50,000 people (50,240 people to be exact) have looked at our little blog that has been going for about 1 1/2 years.  Thank you to everyone who stops by to see what is going on at the blog, and everyone at GPL Teens hopes that you continue to come back for more.

Oh, and, just in case you were worried, I overcame my case of the Mondays with the following video.  The cuteness factor alone was enough to make this a great day!

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Shock and awe





5   Books to read around Halloween

  1. Watchmen
  2. Dracula and all the other horror classics
  3. Teenagers from mars
  4. World War Z
  5. cirque du freak and demonata series


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Celebrating Your Freedom to Read

Today is the beginning of Banned Books Week! The American Library Association sets aside 1 week out of the year to celebrate your freedom to read.

In honor of BBW, we are featuring a variety of books that have been banned or challenged throughout the years (as well as a list of the 100 Most Frequently Banned/Challenged Books according to ALA) in our teen book display.  Along with books, there will be Banned Books Week Trivia in the display area from September 26th until October 3rd.  The first teen who correctly answers the most questions will win a BBW t-shirt.  And the first 5 teens who read a banned/challenged book during BBW will receive a free book from our book stash!

Now, I can go on and on about BBW, so I will cut this short and leave you with a quote by Harper Lee (she wrote To Kill a Mockingbird – which, just in case you were wondering).  Harper Lee once said, “Until I feared that I would lose it, I never loved to read.  One does not love breathing.”  So, think of her quote the next you pick up or are required to read for school # 41 on ALA’s Most Frequently Banned/Challenged Books – To Kill a Mockingbird.

Oh, and the most challenged book for the past 3 years is…

And Tango Makes Three 300

And Tango Makes Three.  And Tango Makes Three is based upon a the true story of 2 male penguins, Roy and Silo, at the New York Zoo who raised a baby penguin – named Tango.

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Weekly Websites…

Do you ever want to change the world and not know where to begin?  Well, here is your chance!  Just take a peek at the following websites!  Each website has important tips or volunteer opportunities for you to become an environmental advocate, because let’s face it, the planet needs someone like you to stand up for it!


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Changes coming for GPL Teens

It’s about that time again. School’s in session for most teens, and I’m heading back for my sophomore year at Grace College on August 31. So, I’ll be saying goodbye to GPL after this week — at least for the school year.

After I leave, GPL will keep the blog going, trying more stuff and carrying on my experiment. Hopefully it’ll be a team effort, but Kristi Helmkamp — who will be starting full-time work after I leave — will probably head things up.

Along with the blog, our “Read That!” teen book discussion group will return in the fall. Plus, we’ll begin new teen groups like the altered book club, so look out for that.

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