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Teen Read, Teen Reviewed: Twilight

With Teen Read, Teen Reviewed, we at GPL are trying something new.  If you are a teen in grades 6-12 and have read a book that you would like to share with others, let us know!  We will sign you up as a guest author on out blog to write a book review!


The Twilight series is an amazing Series. I loved all the books. I have not read Breaking Dawn Yet. But I have read all the other ones. They are my favorite Series. These books, are the books that got me started on reading. Twilight is about a Vampire, and a Human. They fall in love, and go though a lot together. Twilight has a bunch of fans. The movie comes out on November 21. I can’t wait! =D There’s a Vampire, like I said, named Edward, and a werewolf named Jacob. They both are in desperately in love with a human girl, named Bella. A lot of people prefer Edward, more than Jacob. But I love them both. But if I had to choose either Jacob, or Edward… It would probably be Edward. Even thought I like Jacob. They both are amazing. My favorite book out of all of them, is probably… Eclipse. (Remember I haven’t read Breaking Dawn yet.) I have read Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse 6 times. (You can tell I love the series.) Twilight is really about how they meet, Edward and Bella. It doesn’t really have that much to do with Jacob. New Moon is “Jacob’s” Book. Most of my friends don’t really like New Moon. And I think the book is good. Some people have spoiled Breaking Dawn for me. So I don’t plan to do that for you. But first I am going to talk about Twilight. (Now that I have rambled on about other stuff.) Well at the beginning, of Twilight, Edward and the rest of the Cullens are sitting at the lunch table, looking more beautiful than any other kids, Bella has ever seen before. So she wonders about them. She has a class with Edward. And he acts really weird around her. He sits as far away as he can, from her. He glares at her. His hands are in fists. She really wonders what she ever did to him. Because he’s acting like he hates her, when really, they never even talked before. Then at the end of the day, she has to turn in a paper, to the front office. And Edward is in there. He’s talking to the front desk, lady. Bella is wondering what he’s doing in there, and she finds out he’s trying to switch his class, Biology, the class that he has with her, to a different hour. So she’s kinda getting mad, and a little shocked. She’s thinking “What have I done to him that would make him hate me so much?” Then he notices she’s in the room, and mumbles “Never mind. It looks like it can’t be possibly done.” And he walks real fast out the door. And she is so confused. And when she gets home, she really wants it to be the next day, because she wants to see Edward again, but doesn’t want to admit to herself that that’s the reason. So the next day at school, he’s not there. And Bella is disappointed, and mad at herself for being so disappointed. She wonders where he is, and what she could possibly do to him, that makes him hate her so much. And the days go on, and he doesn’t show up. So she tries to forget about him, but fails. But she goes on with her life, like nothing is happening. But like, 4 weeks later, he’s there. And in Biology, he doesn’t mind her, and doesn’t act all weird. And the teacher says, “We will work with partners on this lab.” And Edward asks Bella to be her partner. She’s TOTALLY confused, but says “Yes.” So they go over to the lab station, and Bella has done this lab before at her old school, in Phoenix. So she knows all about this stuff, and is kinda showing off. And he’s just as good. He’s trying to make small talk with her. And she’s still thinking, “What the heck?” But goes along with it, and talks back to him, a little. She’s real nervous, and really shocked that he’s actually talking to her, and a while ago, he was acting like he hated her. And they are reaching down to the microscope, and their hands touch. His hand is ICE cold. She freezes. And he rips his hand away from hers. She is just, like stunned. Then he gets all weird again. She notices that his eyes changed. They used to be Bronze, now they are like a blackish. His hands clench into fists again, and he moves away from her a little. And she’s still a little shocked. The bell rings, and he leaves real fast, without saying, bye (And remember she doesn’t know that he’s a vampire yet). So if you want to know more, READ IT!!!

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