Teen Read, Teen Reviewed – Bloody Jack by L.A. Meyer

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Bloody Jack is a very well-told story that begins on the streets of London in the late 1700’s. Jack is the main character in the story, but her (yes her) real name is Mary. She wants to be a sailor, but back then girls weren’t allowed to even come aboard ships, let alone Sail them. She gets her chance to defy this rule when her gang loses its leader, Charlie. She abandons that life, cuts her hair, pretends to be a boy (named Jack, obviously) and she ends up joining a ship called the HMS Dolphin.

She becomes a cabin boy and makes friends with other cabin boys that she conceals her true identity from. She falls in love with one of the cabin boys and she tells him her secret. He doesn’t tell anyone about her, even the other cabin boys who are like their brothers. They both bear the secret now and will for a long time.
The HMS Dolphin is part of the Navy, so of course, they are on a mission. This particular mission happens to be hunting down a pirate’s fleet, and Mary actually kills a pirate on the first pirate encounter. That is how she earns the nickname Bloody Jack. The cabin boys (including Mary) have formed a sort of club they call the brotherhood. They do weird things to create it; like cutting off their earlobes, stitching them together and throwing them overboard, and other things like that.

When they meet the pirates again, they seem to be winning. They take down about half of the fleet or more, but they get stranded on an island when they get hit with a fire-ship. It blows up half the ship and they’re lucky to survive. Mary gets captured and is revealed to be a girl. She is then shipped to Boston where she must attend a school for ladies.

Bloody Jack is a very interesting read that will make you look at the world very differently, and might change your outlook on many, many things about the older world.

~by David

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