Teen Read, Teen Reviewed – New Moon

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This Teen Read, Teen Reviewed is in celebration of the Twilight movie release as well as the confirmation of a movie for New Moon!  Have fun reading Ness4’s review of New Moon, and let us know what you thought of the movie for Twilight!

New Moon: Teen Read, Teen Reviewed

by Ness4

New Moon… That’s a good one, too. I don’t want to say, to much, because it will spoil it all. So I’ll start at the beginning, and stop at the mid-beginning. Well, its Bella’s birthday. She gets invited over to the Cullens. Alice is super excided, because she hasn’t celebrated a birthday, since Jaspers. (Alice, Jasper, Carlisle, Esme, Emmet, Rosalie, and Edward are the Cullen family, and now Bella knows.) (Alice and Edward, of course are Bella’s favorite…it seems like it anyway.) So she’s totally dreading her own birthday, because she wants to stay the same age forever, like Edward, and be with him forever. So Edward makes her go over to his house to celebrate Bella’s Birthday. So they go over there. And she refuses for them to buy her anything. But of course Alice and they all do. Except Edward. She made him not buy her anything for her. (All of the Cullens are Vampires.) So she opens the gift from Jasper and Emmet. They got her a radio for her car. Edward was just telling her that she needed a new radio. So she had to act happy, and surprised, for Edward. Because before they went in, he said “Be nice. They haven’t celebrated a birthday since Jasper. Don’t spoil it for them. They all are excited.” So she had to be nice. And act happy. Then she moves on to Edward and Alice’s gift. “You didn’t spend any money on me right?” Bella asked. “Not a dime.” Edward stated. She didn’t say anything, and started to open her present. “Ouch. Dang it. Paper cut.” She looks down at her finger, and a little bit of blood came out of her finger.. “NOOO!!!!” Edward yelled. And he pushed Bella back, on to the floor, and glass went in Bella’s arm, and scraped her arm, with the glass. And Jasper jumped toward Edward, trying to get to Bella. Bella explained it sounded like to boulders hitting one another. It was really loud. She was just stunned the whole time, because she knew that Jasper thirsted for her blood. She didn’t even know what was going on. She was so shocked, and scared. Edward and Jasper were fighting. Not like a regular fight either. It was snarling, and snapping at each other. Edward was trying to protect Bella, from his own brother. Finally they all got Jasper out of the house. And they all could not stand the smell of her blood. So Esme, Emmet, Rosalie, and of course Jasper go outside. Carlisle is a doctor at a hospital, so he can stand the smell of Bella’s blood. And Edward was trying to stay strong for Bella. So was Alice. So Carlisle told Alice to go get his medical stuff, so he could stitch her up. So Alice goes and gets that stuff. And Alice says sorry, but she’s going to have to leave. She can’t stand the scent either. So she leaves. And Bella can see that Edward can’t stand it either, but he stays there for her. So Bella tells him to leave.  He refuses. So Carlisle says to leave too. Bella and Carlisle gang up on Edward. So Edward finally just leaves. And that’s all I am going to say, about New Moon. So if you want to know more, READ IT!! =D You wont waste you time. Again, for the second time.

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